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Polar Reversal, a 2012 review

Originally written on May 6th, 2008.

Who’s heard about the polar magnets supposed to be reversed by the year 2012? Well, when I first heard about it immediately ruled it out as bullshit. My friend Patrick insisted I check it out. So, I did. Hears what I’ve come up with…

We’re all fucking dead!!
Lol, well maybe.
He messaged me the other day telling me to search “Nibiru” “Planet X” and the year “2012” because he’s been telling me about this 2012 deal for a while now. I believe he wrote a blog about it, aww yes, here it is. I started checking it out because of a message he left me one day. So I begin my search.
Supposedly, in 2012 a planet called “Nibiru" (Planet X) is supposed to become extremely close to our planet, earth. Zecharia Sitchin is an author of ancient astronautical theories for how humans came to be on this planet. The idea of these theories is that “god(s)” were only depicted as “divine” because they were extra terrestrials with advanced technology and so “divine” was the only way primitive man could describe it, I guess. These ideas are merely theory, they haven’t been ruled out, but are shunned (so it seems) in both the scientific world and religion (of course, lol). These theories can all be assumed to be Mesopotamian Mythology, I.E. the Babylonian times is considered Mesopotamian Mythology. Sitchin on the other hand, is not a myth nor insane. He actually has a very academic background and the only reason he’s not taken seriously is because of his ‘personal’ interpretations on the Pre-Nubian and Sumerian texts, and of the seal VA 243.
To the left you see the seal I am talking about. Sitchin claims that one (or maybe a few) of the symbols in this seal or maybe the whole damn thing, lol I’m no expert on it, but he claims that there is supposed to be a 12th planet. Other translators say that they (the Sumerians) speak of a star, but the way that the usual ‘star’ symbol is etched into the stone is quite different than that of this seal. I can see why Sitchin would think that it might have different meaning. The
12th planet is supposedly inhabited by Anunnaki ( or {an actual biblical term}Nephilim) who basically helped create the Homo Sapien or us, so to speak. Somewhere in my research on this subject I read how they did this. I don’t have a links because I’ve kind of been researching this for a few days now, but basically they took 80% of Homo Erectus and 20% of “Anunaki” and mashed them together (basically genetically engineering 450,000 years before Dolly) to get us, the Homo Sapiens. These of course do not sound like facts to me and I haven’t found any other sites (yet) with these calculations, but we’ll just use this as a buffer for a better understanding of this theory for the time being. The reason for this long ass mythological story is that 2012 is supposed to be the year that Nibiru (Planet X) is completing it’s cycle of it’s orbital journey (back) in(to) our solar system, in which takes 3,600 years to do.
So now you’re thinking I’m crazy for writing this, lol. I don’t blame you. After reading this I was like, “wow, this is a little far fetched.” So, I started searching using different criteria. That’s about the time I found this on Wikipedia. This is a prediction and schedule of events that are supposed to happen in the year 2012. At first glance you’re probably like, “yea, and your point being?” Well, I felt the same at first, but I did make an effort to try and read it and that’s when I started noticed weird things about the schedule for the year. First of all we start off the year with a very strange coincidence. On January 31st we’re going to be visited by 433 Eros. The first discovered Near-Earth asteroid.
It is said, that Nibiru’s orbit takes place in it’s orbit a path between Mars and Jupiter. Which kind of looks like this image of Eros’s (to the left) orbit right? Lets, take another look at an image I found, (Nibiru’s orbit to the right) it might help some.

Look similar? Well, not really because these were the only good damn depictions of their orbits I could find, but this doesn’t rule out that these two might be mistaken for each other. Though Sitchin was born 1922 and Eros was discovered 1898. That might have some relevance. I didn’t find out how long it took for Eros to make a cycle in it’s orbit, but that might be a good point to look for when deciding if the information on the tablets could’ve been produced from this. Also I have the strange feeling that Eros happens to run by earth far more than a 3,600 year rotation.

Moving on down the 2012 Schedule we find, April 17th in which The United States will cede control of the military of the republic of Korea, in over 50 years. Interesting, yes?
November 28th a Penumbral lunar eclipse, lol, nothing special here. I just thought that would be cool to watch on my birthday.
December 21st there happens to be 2 entries for this date. The start of Winter Solstice (also known as Yule) and the end of the Mayan calender. The Mayan calender (in the Wikipedia definition) is said to end on this date. The almighty calender that has been the most accurate for ages and is not repeating. WTF? How is it not repetitive? Does this mean the world is at it’s end? It’s also said (by many old wise men {lol}) that winter is the earths way for cleaning it’s self, so, winter solstice would be like the beginning? Another very strange coincidence. Though the man on this web site here, says that the calender does not end, but in fact roll over like an odometer in a car. The Mayan calender was recorded to start on August 13, 3114 BC. So, since that time it’s been the belief that the world is to come to an end and Armageddon is to fall upon us. So, yea I saw this and immediately decided I was going to be writing a blog about it and so here I am. Writing since 3:00am this morning and it’s 6:12am now, so I (just now) decided to brew a pot of coffee, because I think I might be close to being done, but I might not be as well…. and ooooowee is it strong
Ok, so we’ve covered just about everything in mythical standards there is to know about 2012, but what about other points of view? Well, you all remember the book I referenced in a few of my (Much more than I intended, lol. & Attracting Women) blogs? Well, the pineal gland that I was talking about in Much more than I intended, lol. is found in I think more than just humans. From what I gather, this gland helps many animals in our world know their place (location) on the planet. Now I’m not sure if these are facts, but animals and insects do have a rhythm with the earth somehow. This (also couldn’t find much on this) is due to the Polar Magnets of the planet. Now, if these magnets become differently positioned, these life forms that rely on them to migrate and move around in the world from day to day, it could have very devastating effects on the planet. For instance, the mysterious bee disappearances in 24 states. I’m not sure if bee’s have a pineal gland or not, but I find it strange that they’re calling it CCD when if you’ve been paying any attention to the sky this year not even birds look like they know where they are going. I was hung up on this research for about a day because it was hard for me to find the effects of the pineal gland under a magnetic field, but I did finally find it here and animals (maybe even us) are/or can be effected under different conditions of magnetism. Oh and looking over a tab that I happened to have open on my browser I did find how animals use magnetism to navigate. So, does this mean that the earth has already started shifting on it’s polar axis? I don’t know, but what I do know is that March 10th, 2006 N.A.S.A. declared the solar minimum had arrived. This was declared by seeing a reversed polarized sunspot. This next part might be hard to understand if you didn’t check out the N.A.S.A. link I provided. These sunspots have a profound effect on the earth and this cycle of a Solar Maximum is going to be the most intense in fifty years. These effects take over 11 years to fully effect the earth and so it’s been 2 already and we’re seeing bee’s disappear. Bee’s are very important to the Eco-system and I think we’re not done seeing these effects. I’m not sure if these solar effects can have a result on the planets polar axis, but Eros flying by or having Nibiru (shit, Nibiru alone could have this effect) so close the planet might definitely throw the axis off balance.
Now that this is explained we come back to the pineal gland and the Pickover book Sex, Drugs, Einstein, & Elves. I bring up Cliff (Pickover) because in his book he has a section (chapter or whatever) kind of dedicated to the chemical Dimethyltryptamine (DMT). Now, DMT is located in many different things and even a lot of the ingredients to create it are located in the pineal gland. It’s believed by Dr. Strassman (as mentioned in Cliff’s book) that DMT is primarily produced by the pineal gland, I guess if stimulated correctly. DMT is said to have a very diverse effect on people, even causing people to become religious, but probably not in the way you’re thinking. Believing that there’s “something or someone tending the light at the end of the tunnel.”- Hunter S. Thompson. Here’s a quote from personal mail that Cliff put in his book, ‘I experimented with DMT on several occasions, and found that it provided access to a truly extraordinary mindspace, characterized by the preposterous but nevertheless wholly convincing sensation that the DMTverse was far closer to “reality as it really is” than ordinary, everyday experience. I was left with the curious impression that everyday experience might more aptly be characterized as the hallucination here, and that the “warped” impression of reality I experienced under the influence of DMT was in fact more “genuine.”’
If this is hard for you to understand, than I don’t know any other way to explain it better than to go get some hallucinogens and trip some balls, because if you haven’t done at least one already than there really is no other way to explain it. Though, this part of my blog on the pineal gland was not to enlighten you on how it is to “trip.” No, my intentions on this part of the blog was to let you understand that if, in fact, Dr. Strassman is correct on this theory of the pineal gland and if this magnetism will have an effect on the gland, the world and it’s passengers are in for a ride that will take the world by storm and humanity to a VERY new level.

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Adventures in Monster making: Part 2

Hey what’s up followers?before

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here, but I’ve been rather busy & using the internet proved to be a task. Anyways, back to the Monster Making!

Last you heard from me about the Frankenstein I Just finished putting the primer on. Well, since then I had a few different ideas about how to paint it.

Originally I wanted a Metal look. Like, sheet metal that was riveted together with rust and what not. Thinking about that more made me realize that that would’ve have been like an “artist” painting & I didn’t have the proper equipment for that and it would’ve taking a lot of trial and error to complete. So then I thought what about Unseen Empire’s logo… This idea stuck for a long time, but I wanted to get crazy with it & started looking up UV reactive paint and Glow in the dark stuff. I ended up finding actual Glow in the dark paint from this place online called, Glow & decided to give it a whirl. I started with a new primer with matte black.

The paint ships and gets delivered, early actually. I start taping off areas of the guitar and started painting with the glow paint. It turns out that this paint is quite transparent and granular & gets stuck in the sprayer (even after I was thinning it) and doesn’t really look like I’m painting the guitar at all. Turn out the lights and you saw some glowing going on though. So then I re-thought my color scheme and decided I should put a base color coat on to match the glow color. The outside (edge) of the guitar was going to be this blue (blue glow to match). After that I thought since this glow paint was getting stuck in the guns I used, maybe I should try brushing it on. All of the above was a bad idea. Yea it sounded cool, but in reality the crazy paint melted the blue and made it just flake away. So I sanded what of the blue off I could & started over.

I decided to stay with the color scheme (sort of) at least. At this point I’m rather disappointed and frustrated. This time I go with green around the edges to match the star in our band logo as I was originally intending minus the glow crap. Distressed about most of the deal I forgot to take pictures of most of it. Until I got to the clear coat phase.

This was of course after the first coat. This is basically the paint scheme. Since this photo I’ve put on a couple coats, sanded, sprayed, wet sanded & lastly sprayed. The wet sanding and last spray I actually did today, but once it cures then a final wet sand (2000 grit if curious) & buff. Then it’s drill’n time & rebuild. :)

Stay tuned for the next installment!

This is what happens when I go through my stuff & find shit I forgot about.

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Facebook shrinks down photos too much so I’m posting the flyers I’ve been working on here to give you the full effect. :)


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